The State of California assumes that people who get married or register a domestic partnership are reasonable, mature adults, and that people who want to get "unmarried" or end a domestic partnership are reasonable, mature adults. There is no need to prove "fault" of one or the other spouse or partner. Divorce can be bitterly contested or both parties can resolved all issues amicably if they desire. Although it is a long process, one can reach their goal by following simple steps

    Other Services


    Cloud Paralegal Services offers Marriage Dissolution through Neutral Mediation. Your divorce can be resolved amicably, respectfully, and it could save you thousands of dollars by not having to litigate every issue. Please contact us for more information


    We offer full service assistance with discovery for general civil litigation, including deposition, e-discovery, propounding and expounding all interrogatories.

    Bankruptcy Document Preparation

    We provide Bankruptcy document preparation to lawfirms and solo practitioners, nationally. Please contact us for details

    Wills and Trust

    It is best to actively manage your estate in your lifetime. Appoint someone to manage your estate after your life so the estate can be distributed in accordance with your wishes.Transfer your assets through a Living  Trust while you are living.

    Civil Litiagation

    We offer full service assistance with civil suite including preparing and filiing  Complaints, Answers, Demurrer and Motions in State and Federal Courts. Please contact us for more detail. .


    We Specialize in post-judgment procedures. We can prepare and file all post-judgment documents, inclduing Writs, Abstracts Garnishments and Levy papers with the courts and the Sheriffs.